Rowan - eCommerce Front End

Complete front-end design and implementation for an eCommerce site

Rowan - eCommerce Front End

A React based project showcasing a complete front-end design and implementation for an eCommerce site. One of several projects undertaken to expand my knowledge of React.
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Key Features

  • Cart state management using Redux and Redux Toolkit
  • Persisting cart state in Local Storage with custom middleware integration
  • Advanced product filtering and sorting with URL state management
  • Interactive Mini Cart with expandable sidebar & item management
  • Client-side routing using React Router DOM
  • Responsive design using Tailwind CSS and custom fluid properties with Sass mixins/functions
  • Continuous deployment through Netlify


  • React
    • Redux & Redux Toolkit
    • React Router
  • Vite
  • Tailwind
  • Sass
  • Netlify


# Run local server (Vite)
$ npm run dev

# Publish changes live to Netlify
$ git push origin main


  • Load product data from remote database