Recipe Cards

Recipe management application

Recipe Cards

A React-based project showcasing a recipe management application that allows users to add, edit, and delete recipes while persisting data in Local Storage. One of several projects undertaken to expand my knowledge of React.
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Key Features

  • Dynamic component rendering and interactivity, such as adding, editing, and deleting recipes
  • State management using useState
  • Local Storage for state persistence across sessions
  • React Context and Provider pattern for efficient data sharing across components
  • useEffect hook for handling side effects, such as synchronisation with Local Storage and scrolling cards into view
  • DOM node manipulation with useRef and requestAnimationFrame for scrolling effect
  • Continuous Deployment to Netlify


  • React
  • Create React App
  • Netlify


# Run local server
$ npm start

# Publish changes to netlify
$ git push origin main


  • Refactor provider code - cleanup using custom hooks and useReducer
  • UI improvements
    • Add focus to input when adding ingredient/instruction
    • Change “X” to trash icon (also used to close window)
    • Reorder cards with drag and drop
    • Add search/filter/tags
  • Component Improvements
    • Improve Modal component to be made multi-purpose (pass message/button handlers as props)
    • Move buttons to their own component
  • Add responsive CSS
  • Store data in database