Personal web development website and blog


I’m Paul, a designer-developer based in York, UK. I’ve been building websites for 20 years. The web has changed quite a bit in that time, so I’m taking some time to sharpen my skills and become a better developer. This website charts my progress.

Built with Astro.

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Key Features

  • Astro blog with support for tags and drafts
  • Automatically fetch project READMEs from a project’s GitHub repo
  • Custom fluid Tailwind text and vertical spacing utilities
  • Theme switcher with a custom-built Sass mixin to define theme values for specific properties

Technologies Used

# Run local server (Vite)
$ npm run dev

# Publish changes live to Netlify
$ git push origin main


  • Pagination to index pages
  • Extract custom tailwind utilities into a plugin
  • Heading oultine button functionality (as per Github’s)